WISE employs a three-prong programme strategy to achieve the stated vision, mission, and strategic objectives. These are:

a) Training and Business Development Services

Target members are able to access relevant, life-changing training in the areas of Business/Entrepreneurship, Leadership and Management, Health Education, and Self-Development (Life Skills, and Literacy and Numeracy). Marketable technical/vocational skills trainings are offered to the young women in particular. Moreover, growth-oriented women receive business development services through which their innovation and growth will develop.

b) Organizing and Institution Development

Saving and credit cooperatives as well as other forms of organizing bring the target members together to ensure sustainable livelihood and other services. Capacity development interventions are implemented to strengthen the capacities of the institutions. The target women and girls are able to access micro-finance and micro-insurance services through their cooperatives.

c) Strategic Partnership and Learning

Strategic partnerships with like-minded organizations are created in order to share learning and promote the replication of WISE’s good practices. Through this, the expansion of outreach in other parts of the country where WISE is not operational materializes.