Strategic Objective 1: Create Employment Opportunities:

women and girls and, by extension, their family members and others, will have employment opportunities from which they will be able to draw income in a sustainable manner. The programme will bring in more youth during the strategic period and focus on both self-employment and organizational employment.

Strategic Objective 2: Develop transformational women leaders:

Strong transformational women leaders are developed to lead resilient families in order to overcome poverty, withstand hardships, and develop supportive family members. Moreover, the women leaders are able to build strong SACCOs and other forms of institutions that can provide sustainable services to their members. Individually, the target women and girls are expected to emerge as visionary, effective leaders in their business enterprises, Iddirs, households, communities, and other institutions of which they are a part.

Strategic Objective 3: Build sustainable institutions of the target members.

The institutions of the target members, mainly SACCOs and producer/trade groups, are developed to ensure self-reliance and provision of sustainable services, both financial and non-financial, to their members. WISE strives to become a center of excellence in community-based SACCOs development. The Union and primary SACCOs also become examples from which others can learn.

Strategic Objective 4: Promote learning and the replication of good practices.

The Organization continually builds partnerships with like-minded organizations to promote learning and scale up good practices. These partners include national and international charities, community-based organizations, societies, research and technology institutions, government, private organizations, and academic institutions. WISE aims to emerge as a center of excellence on which like-minded organizations can rely for the effective transfer of good practices. In such a way, the outreach of the programme will expand to benefit more women and girls.