Implementation Guidelines

WISE adopts the following implementation guidelines in its programme activities.

  • Self-reliance:

    Focus on economic independence and working against free hand-outs and dependency syndrome. Identifying own assets (strengths, opportunities, resources, etc.) and building on them. Bringing attitudinal changes among the low-income community and partners for achieving transformed lives.

  • Inclusion

    Involving target groups, their spouses, families, and the community in the programme. Diversifying target groups by including low-income women with disabilities, women with HIV/AIDS, illiterate women, women-headed households, migrant workers, returnees, and street beggars.

  • Learning and sharing

    Continually learning from own experience as well as others and sharing good practices and information with a wider public so that the programme will have spill-over effects.

  • Sustainability

    Ensuring the sustainability of the programme through capacity building of the institutions, cost sharing, leadership development, income generation, and SACCO membership with the Union.

  • Partnership

    Collaborating and networking with different organizations and participating in networks and forums to promote learning and replication of WISE’s programme as well as advancing implementation of action plan and excellence.

  • Synergy

    Addressing, to the extent possible, the critical issues of development of the target group to ensure holistic development.

  • Continual improvement

  • Reflecting regularly on performance to learn from experience and enhance innovation and continual improvement in the quality of services provided to the target group and partners. Excelling in performance in all regards.

  • Security, safety and health

    Ensuring, to the extent possible, the security of employment of the target members. Promoting the concept of safety and health in one’s occupation both for staff and target group. Ensuring the protection of target members and their children in connection with their relationship with staff or visitors.