WISE embarks training to 1000 returnees of Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

WISE embarks Business and Life Skills training to 1000 returnees from Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in collaboration with ILO and Addis Ababa Bureau of Labor and Social Affairs. The European Union funds this project in Addis Ababa.

The intention is to scale up the intervention in major regions of the country by reaching around 20000. In addition to the training, the target members receive Business Development Service (BDS). According to the profile of the returnees, 25% are below the age of 25 and 82 % constitutes women and men below the age of 25. The gender proportion stands at female to male- 78:22.The educational backgrounds of the trainees ranges from illiterate to first degree and 44 % of them are below grade 8 and 80 % are below grade 10