Unleashed Potential:- Defeating Poverty and Counting Millions

Defeating Poverty and Counting Millions

She recently wrote her story in Amharic and we decided to share a shorter version with our English readers. I tell you how every sentence she wrote is so touching. It was not easy for me to shorten the story and also translate it to give the actual taste. Zeineba Yinga is a leader, an entrepreneur and a mother. She grew through a hard life and perseverance to defeat poverty. WISE helped this woman unleash her potential. Enjoy reading. Tsigie Haile, Director, WISE.Read more

The trainings awakened me

Elfenesh Gebrehana and Hiluf Desalegne are a young couple. I went to their working place to ask their permission if they wanted to share their life experiences. They accepted my request and Elfenesh started to narrate her story;Read more

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